this is my year 2016 in pictures and few words, month by month.


in january santiago was hot and i got my BA in visual art and photography. it took me days to prepare my exhibition. my thesis work was called "if i scream hopefully they'll hear me". the exhibition itself was an amazing experience as my room was full of people all the time and i would take pictures of the public looking at my work intensely without anyone knowing that i had done it.


for the past five years february had been the best month of the year for me. in chile it's the month of summer vacations and high temperatures. it's the month we usually spent with my husband's family and in the countryside, swimming in lakes and rivers. this year we spent the first weeks in santiago because we were both working and after that we traveled to south. we biked around a lot and went to see our former dog naira who's now living with a friend of ours. we also visited the pacific ocean and bold mimi enjoyed the cool breeze.


our vacations ended in march and we traveled back to santiago. my mom published a book and sent it to me. mimi enjoyed a lot reading it with me.


after patiently waiting we finally learnt in abril that my husband had gotten a study place in finland and we would be moving there in just few months. first we bought mimi a box and then we started to slowly selling everything we owned. the only thing i photographed during this month was all the stuff we were selling and giving away. later we changed mimi's box for a bigger one because we weren't quite sure if she was going to be able to fly in this one.


may was our last one in santiago, in the apartment we had called our home for the past 4,5 years. it was in every way a nostalgic month. the apartment was getting emptier and emptier and we walked in all the places we had been walking every day for the past years. this one evening the sun was setting and the whole apartment was glowing in this orange/pink light and i just had to take a picture because i felt that i was going to miss this place someday.


in june we left our apartment empty and clean. we stored our luggage at my friend's place and traveled to south again. we would wait there till our flight to finland. we wore pretty much the same clothes for three weeks because we had only small backpacks with us. we had had some problems with the airline and we wouldn't be able to fly with mimi, our sweet furry daughter. she would stay with my husband's family till they could send her to us. we were preparing to say good bye to her and my husband's family. the two last nights in santiago i spent talking with one of my best friends till dawn and planning when would we see each other for the next time. leaving for finland was exciting and nostalgic at the same time. we flew there during the midsummer night. when we arrived everything was so beautiful, the finnish summer, the nature, the light! i started my honeymoon with the finnish nature.


in july me moved to our new apartment in tampere.  i had barely visited the city before and everything was new to us. i didn't remember many things about living in finland and the first month was all about learning everything. we would bike around the city with google maps open in our cellphones all the time. if not we would get lost immediately. getting to know our new surroundings was fun and exciting. 


in august our apartment was already looking more like a home. we decorated it with thrift store finds and things we were given. it was so much fun decorating everything from zero - again. we had done the same in santiago 4,5 years ago. luckily in finland there are way cheaper recycled options than we could find in chile. in august i got many visits from my family members and friends and we would walk around the city and i wouldn't really know what to show to them because i was also so new to the city.


 in september the routine had already started. my husband studying and me working. i photographed only in a football match and in turku when we visited my parents.


in october we finally got our dog baby to finland! i traveled all the way to madrid to receive her as my parents-in-law sent her via cargo there. it was an exhausting trip for both of us. so much paper work, walking next to the highway in +30 degrees (it seems like you can't get to the airport by foot. the only way was to walk next to the highway...) and carrying that huge box around. i'm so glad i could do everything in a language i know well. people were mainly very kind to me and i was specially thankful to iberia staff who let me see mimi before she got into the airplane for our flight together to finland. the three of us were so happy when we finally get her to finland and we were finally united after 3,5 months apart.  we spent the whole month walking around a lot teaching mimi so many new places. she seemed to enjoy her new surroundings a lot!


in november it was my birthday and finally we celebrated our new apartment together with throwing mimi a welcome party and a birthday party for me. many of my dear friends came from other cities to be with us. we cooked together and ate lots of tasty things we had made.


december was a busy month! i think i didn't spent even one weekend at home and also i worked a lot and shopped and prepared gifts. one weekend i went to helsinki to celebrate my friend's (not so new) apartment together with her friends and another one i went to turku to spend some time with my family and to see friends i hadn't seen in over a year. we also visited christmas market where i bought a beautiful handmade necklace for my husband. we also had our first ever real christmas tree and we still have it. just looking at it makes me so happy! we spent christmas with my parents and the day was full of wonderful surprises. i will make an own post about that another time! 

so merry belated christmas and happy new year 2017 everyone! 


the picture of me was taken by my husband and the one where we're together was taken by my mom.

in september we spent a weekend in turku with my family. the weather was lovely and it was still warm enough to drink wine on a restaurant boat and take pictures in the sunset. we also visited helen schjerfbeck's exhibition in turku art museum which i can highly recommend. and when the sun was setting we drank wine at esposito restaurant boat and talked a lot of bad english.