happy new year 2016! this was the last self portrait i made last year. here you can see my year 2015 in a nutshell.

january 2015.

january was very hot. we swam whenever we had the chance (not too often i'm afraid) and mimi was forced to pose for many many pictures because her short hair seemed so funny to me. one day we climbed a hill but we weren't able to make it to the top. then we drank a lot of wine and suddenly we heard the earth growl and then came a tremor. i've felt many smaller and bigger tremors and earthquakes but this was the first time i was able to hear how the earth sounds just before.

february 2015.

in february i married my high school sweetheart. it was a tuesday morning at 9am in this small village and i was wearing a white vintage gown. everyone was staring at us and during the ceremony i was so nervous i had a hard time containing my laughter. my friend's stomach was growling very loudly because she hadn't had breakfast and that made me want to laugh even harder. later we had a small party with our friends and my husband's family. i tried to be my own wedding photographer but that turned out to be quite impossible so the official portraits were taken few months later.

march 2015.

in march we came back to the city. back to work and back to the university. mimi celebrated her three years since she was adopted by us anniversary and we put candles in her food. i think she just couldn't understand why her food was on fire. i had picnic with my friends and everyone wanted to know about the wedding. i was still getting used to introduce my husband as such and not as my boyfriend.

april 2015.

 in april the leaver started to fall and finally i could wear boots and cardigans. my husband made me many dragon and spaceship origamis. 

may 2015.

in may i had my first solo show in chile. it was called "color piel" which means skin color. i photographed dark skinned people with "skin colored" objects as we like to think that skin color is a color and not a concept. i prepared a lot of finnish snacks for the opening as i was thinking "if the exhibition is bad at least the food will be good." at the end everything turned out great!

june 2015.

in june i made some weird experiments for my art studies. my friend who moved to mexico came to visit and we were able to spend some three days together before it was my time to go to my home country to visit my family and friends. first we flew to bogotá, then madrid (where we had to run with the luggage and go by bus to another terminal to catch the flight. it was +40 degrees and i had never in my life been so sweaty!), zurich and finally helsinki.

july 2015. 

(this beautiful portrait and so many others were taken by my photographer dad.)

in july i was finally back in finland after 3,5 years living abroad. it was all so weird and great at the same time. we had a wonderful wedding party for my family and friends. my husband's brother with her girlfriend were also there. we ate the best dinner i've ever had. we drank white wine and cider and beer. we danced and jumped and sang and spoke four different languages. a friend of mine had hitchhiked from lithuania with her boyfriend and they made a beautiful music performance for us. a friend of mine made me a beautiful flower crown. the one in the picture was made by me. 

we traveled a lot with my family across the southern finland and went to places i hadn't been in so many years. we played board games and practiced our english - a lot. i've already posted most of the pictures i have from this time, you can see them here.

august 2015.

in august (as you can clearly see) i bought a new camera and that changed my world! that might have been the best thing ever that my dad has talked me into. can you see the difference? i'm just amazed by seeing it so clearly. all the pictures i took before having this camera look so... bad... well, about august. we spent few days in helsinki where i was able to see my husband getting to know the friends i've had since i was a child. we had picnic, drank bear and cider, played board games, walked through the entire city, went kayaking and grilled sausages in a little desert island. on our way back to chile we stayed few days in madrid but i will share those pictures and stories in another time.

september 2015.

in september we were back in chile. finally we had our furry dog baby mimi on our arms. i was a bit sad about being back but she was that one thing that really made me happy to see. the andes mountain range was also nice to see again. i was happy to have my new camera to have with me all around santiago. it was like seeing the city again with new eyes.

october 2015.

in october i walked a lot around santiago working in my ba thesis project, taking photographs and collecting testimonials of sexual harassment. i visited my friends' atelier where i was amazed by all the incredible paintings they make and felt a bit funny about being art student myself, but "just" taking photos. we laughed and ate chocolate. i had some great conversations with strangers and also started to feel more confident when it comes to street harassment. my project offered my a great cover and a new perspective and from now one everything that i heard or saw on the street served me as material for my project and didn't make me feel as uncomfortable as usual.

november 2015.

in november my classmates and i participated as a collective in a group show at museo de la memoria. as a birthday present my husband took me to valparaíso where we climbed many hills and had lunch with the most amazing view ever. i took pictures of strangers on the street and felt so happy about wearing leggings under my dress because it was so windy i would have the dress up to my ears at some point. the next day we invited friends over and dressed nicely. even mimi had flower crown on her neck. we drank and laughed and ate quesadillas and guacamole i had prepared with my husband. i got to knew some friends of my friends and we all talked so much about everything. i drank a bit too much but luckily my bed was just in the next room. hello 23 years!

december 2015.

in december i started to work more and more in my upcoming ba thesis project taking a lot of nighttime photos around the city. i visited some art exhibitions and made some litography printing at the university. i finished almost all the courses at the university and relaxed sitting in parks where the heat isn't that bad. seriously during summer time santiago is like a big sauna and i don't deal very well with that. for christmas we cooked together and had a cute dinner just the two of us and mimi of course. we opened the gifts at 12pm exactly in the middle of the movie sound of music. on the new year's eve we ate tacos and went out to see the fireworks. the street was full of people. everyone with funny hats and champagne. i just took pictures till my camera's battery run off. 

that might have been just the perfect start for the year 2016, take pictures till the camera's battery runs off. i hope the next year will bring even more joy and be filled with more pictures (there's no doubt about that because this camera is pure love). HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016! i should be preparing my ba thesis project because the exhibition is on friday (!!) but there is nothing better than procrastinating!


  1. Oi, tämä oli aivan ihana, ihana!! Niin paljon kaikkia herkkuja, ihania kuvia ja sanoja. Ja kesä palasi mieleen elävästi, kaikki ne yhteiset reissut. Mutta ehkä kaikista suloisin on tuo 3-vuotias päivänsankari, hellyttävä ilme. On sulla ollut mahtava vuosi, tosi tosi paljon kaikkea. Oli paljon sellaisiakin kuvia, joita en muista nähneeni. Onnea ja elämyksiä myös tähän vuoteen! Tulkoon siitä vielä parempi!

    1. kiitos ihana! joo, yritin laittaa sellasia mahdollisesti ennen näkemättömiä kuvia joukkoon. oli kyllä elämyksiä täynnä tämä vuosi! toivottavasti seuraava on ainakin yhtä hyvä!

  2. beautiful beautiful photos! you make europe seems so fun! so glad for you that so many good things happened in 2015 hope 2016 will be even better!! xx

    1. thank you so much sydney! europe IS so much fun! you really don't notice it till you're not there haha! happy new year!

  3. It looks like you had an excellent 2015!
    I wish you an excellent 2016 too, Etta!

    1. thank you! i truly did! i wish your year 2016 will be full of beautiful moments!

  4. Mahtavia hetkiä ja taltiointeja! Sinä upea ilmestys. Tuossa yhdessä hauskasti "geometrisesti jakaantunut" otsatukka ja ihana piknikliina.

    Ilo oli katsella nämä, kiitos.

    1. kiitos paljon liivia! ohoh, niinpäs onkin ihan geometrisesti jakaantunut, hih! kivaa vuoden alkua sinulle!

  5. Voi miten hieno vuosikatsaus - värikäs ja vauhdikas vuosi sinulla olikin! Pystyn hyvin palauttamaan mieleen häät, kesän, teidät suloiset... Mukavaa ja mielen kiintoista myös lukea opiskelutöistäsi!
    Ihan parasta tätä vuotta!

    1. mielenkiintoista yhteen nyt kuitenkin....

    2. haha, mä en edes huomannut tota virhettä, ohoh! taitaa mulla olla kieli vähän ruosteessa... kiitos paljon marjo! oli tosi ihana nähdä kesällä! huippua vuotta sinnekin päin!